The stunning
all new MINK Camper
as seen on BBC Top Gear

Revolutionising Teardrop Campers in the UK

The latest MINK Camper delivers more of everything ....... other than weight!

At only 490 kg, it is incredibly lightweight and starts at just £16,545 (Inc shipping, ex works delivery and on the road charges).

Back to nature with an open air
air kitchen!
Complete with cooker, Kitchen Utensils, Food Storage & 36L Ice Chest.
Panoramic sunroof - for that outdoor feeling!
Eco friendly, sustainable living with a wonderful and minimalistic vibe!
Connecting the best of both worlds!
Be wild and free with really comfy camping always behind you!
Small on the outside - spacious on the inside - with a large panoramic skylight and super-cool porthole windows either side. The sumptuous queen size bed ensures a good nights sleep whilst also being the perfect place to stargaze in luxury. Additionally, a canvas bunk provides storage space or doubles as a bed for a little one. Cuddle up and enjoy the wild like never before.....
The rear trunk of the MINK Camper opens up to reveal a well organised and illuminated cooking area, with plenty of storage space. The counter top accommodates a built-in illuminated ice chest. You'll also find a 12v plug to power smaller gadgets and 220v plug to use when the MINK is connected to electricity. Find the perfect spot and prepare your next culinary delightful dish!
At the core of it's design is intuitive functionality, sustainability, craftsmanship and durability. By always focusing on the essentials for outdoor living,  ensure that you can enjoy the beauty of nature in a safe, simple and fun way. We strive to combine the intimacy of camping with style and comfort, but in a minimalistic way.
The MINK is a purpose-built all season sports camper that delivers more of everything: fun, capability and effortless freedom. The innovative, frameless Solid Shell Structure™ (patent pending) and the robust galvanised chassis make the camper very stable and safe to tow due to its very low centre of gravity. Whether it be grass, gravel, snow, sand or a paved road, the camper will follow you wherever exploration takes you.
  • Gross weight 750 kg
  • Net weight 520 kg
  • Overall length 4116 mm
  • Cabin length 2811 mm
  • Overall height 1829 mm
  • Overall width 2080 mm
  • Cabin width 1511 mm
  • Road clearance 330 mm
  • Wheels 17 x 8, 5 x 112
  • Tyres 225 / 55R / 17
  • Tongue height 450 mm
  • Tongue weight 74 kg
  • Solid Shell structure made from ABS plastic.
  • 20mm High-Thermal insulation.
  • 2x front and 2x rear rugged manoeuvring handles.
  • AL-KO chassis - reinforced galvanized steel.
  • AL-KO chassis - mechanical handbrake.
  • AL-KO emergency brakes.
  • AL-KO shock absorbers.
  • 13 pin electric trailer plug that charges while driving.
  • 70ah AGM battery.
  • 220v connection for charging.
  • DEFA Multi Charger 1205 flex.
  • Salvador upholstered backrest.
  • Luxury memory foam mattress, 140 x 200 cm.
  • Canvas bunk bed, 140 x 50 cm.
  • Large panorama skylight.
  • 2 x large openable side windows.
  • Ceiling led mood lighting.
  • Canvas curtains on all windows.
  • 4x USB plugs.
  • 1 x 220v plug.
  • Battery monitor.
  • 2x MINK storage pockets.
  • 2 x side wall integrated static ventilation.
  • 3 x large storage boxes.
  • 3 x small storage boxes.
  • 2 x felt storage boxes.
  • 1 x 12v plug.
  • 1 x 220v plug.
  • Illuminated ice chest, 36 L.
  • Below counter storage area.
  • 1 x MINK chopping board.
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Mink 2.0 Sports Camper
Plus ex works delivery charge  £1250.
All prices quoted inc VAT.
£ 15,295
Heating system.
Cuddle up and get cozy whilst stairing at the stars.
£ 1,395
Solar panel
Take charge in an environmentally friendly way.
£ 815
Mink Cargo Platform
Got gear? Strap it to the cargo platform.
£ 410
Frontal cargo ball hitch fixture
For bike and ski racks.
£ 110
Bose SoundLink Revolve Speaker
Get your groove and jam into nature.
£ 175
Mink Bose Speaker Side Wall holder
Custom wall holder for your amazing tunes.
£ 79
Mink mosquito nets
One for each porthole, with side canvas pockets underneath the door opening.
£ 139
Mink Signature Wool Blanket
Tuck in and enjoy.
£ 110
Mink duvet kit
2x duvets and pillows with covers, 2x decorative pillows with covers, 1x bed sheet
£ 215
Mink shoe box
Keep the cabin clean and store your shoes in a box (2 included).
£ 55
Enamelware dining kit
Set of 8 pieces for 2 persons (bowls, deep dish, large plate and cups).
£ 140
Mink Cutlery set
Set of 8 pieces for two persons (knifes, forks, spoons and teaspoons).
£ 45
Mink Signature gas stove
Portable gas stove with wooden panels and wind shield (1 included).
£ 120
Mink chopping board
Chop chop and enjoy (1x is included).
£ 55
Mink box large for kitchen
Storage for kitchen essentials (3x boxes included).
£ 55
Mink box small for kitchen
Under table top storage (3x boxes included).
£ 40
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About Us.

Broad Lane Leisure is the sole distributor for MINK Campers with outlets in the Midlands and select partners now across the UK!

We are a family business that has been retailing Caravans Camper-vans and Motorhomes for over 50 years.

Main agents for the MINK, Basecamp and Eriba sports camper and teardrop caravans.  

UK main dealers of caravans and motorhomes for the Swift Group - Europe's largest manufacturer - and Coachman Caravans.

We also produce our own range of VW camper-conversions under the CampAway brand.

The all new MINK Sports Camper - designed and engineered in Iceland - eco friendly and über cool!

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What is the price of a MINK Camper ?

The normal base unit starts at £16,545 inc VAT - including the transportation and on the road charge of £1,250. The final amount you pay will be determined by what specification and accessories you choose. Special Offer currently running - £17,675* OTR inc VAT - Solar panel & Heating system

Where can I see the MINK Camper ?

The all new Mink Camper 2 can now be viewed across the UK - see below!!

How do I buy a MINK Camper ?

Due to its unique nature we ask that you view one in person before ordering.

If it is available from our UK stock holding, a deposit will be taken and a delivery date agreed. Cleared funds of the payment in full will be required at least 48 hours prior to collection.
Due to its unique nature, it will be best to see one before you buy it!

If you choose to order a Mink Camper tailored to your own specification from future production we ask for a 20% deposit to be placed.

How soon can I take delivery of a MINK Camper ?

Once you are fully satisfied the Mink is the right Sports Camper for you, and that the specification and accessories all suit your needs, we will establish availability.

Delivery will normally be within two weeks, however, it will vary according to the time of the season and on what stock is held in the UK.

If a future build-date needs to be agreed, despatch to you will normally take approximately 4 to 5 weeks.

What warranty comes with a MINK Camper and how does it work?

The Mink Camper comes with a three year water tightness; two-year structural and 1-year base warranty, subject to Terms and Conditions. Annual chargeable servicing, by a MINK approved agent will be required to maintain the warranty during these periods.

Please click here for full details and an explanation of how it works.

You can also view the Mink 2.0 Handbook by clicking here.

Does it require an annual service and maintenance?

YES, an annual service is required. The two-year structural warranty only remains in place if your camper is serviced each year by Broad Lane Leisure, (the sole Mink Camper agent in the UK) by their fully qualified technicians, or approved agents. Click here for video and PDF regarding Mink servicing.

How much does it cost to insure a MINK Camper?

Insurance for a Mink Camper can be arranged through our trusted partner - Caravan Guard. The estimated premium to insure the base unit is £267, with the final annual premium being determined by your chosen specification, storage and personal details.

Does a MINK Camper require additional security?

Yes! - We strongly recommend the purchase of a wheel and hitch lock, which will also form part of your basic insurance requirements. The chassis and hitch assembly are made by AL-KO with security items readily available for both.

What factory fitted extras and accessories, should I buy with a MINK Camper ?

Despite being incredibly well built and insulated, if venturing into colder climates you will benefit from the inclusion of the comprehensive heating. With the fully integrated air flow system, warmth is actually circulated around the side walls and under the bed compartment! The Solara solar panel is also a great option that will provide peace of mind power, and back-up, whilst off grid or out in the sticks. The cargo platform will also further enhance the usability of the sports camper! After that is really is down to personal choice in relation to bike racks, or the fantastic Bose Sound system etc. Mink Campers list a good selection of well-chosen factory supplied accessories and options here click here

What facilities does a MINK Camper have on-board?

The Mink Camper is essentially a sleeping and lounging pod, where you can connect the cosy clutter-free interior - to the outside world! Other than the bedroom area and the comprehensive kitchen across the rear - accessed from outside - there are no further facilities provided on board.

The double bed is 2m x 1.4m, and there is a bunk which may be used as a child's bed or for additional storage - Max 40kgs weight bearing.

A solution may be to combine it with the purchase of an awning or separate toilet tent - our Mink specialists will help with this.

What do I need to know about towing...?

At only 490kgs ex works, the Mink Camper is one of the lightest Sports Campers on the market, which can easily be towed by most cars… even some electric ones!

"So, can I or can’t I tow...?"

Starting with a net (empty) weight of just 490kg, and gross weight (maxing-out) at 750kg,  towing a Mink Camper is unlikely to be either a physical or legal challenge for anyone with a UK drivers licence - even if you passed your test after 1st January 1997.

To check out where you stand legally though, just click through to the government website where you will find all the answers and dispel the myths relating to the age old question “Can I or can’t I tow” ?

The bottom line is to ensure you are safe, the vehicle you are towing is safe and secure, and that others on your journey will be safe too! If you want to get the latest guide to help you understand more about towing, just click this link from The NCC trade body, which will help you fully understand, all the rules and regulations and give you some really helpful tips before you start out…

Here are a three of our own little nuggets to get you going:-

Don’t think you can’t... because you can! ~ Think of all those out there enjoying their free time having fun and looking forward to their next road trip for a spectacular view or breath of fresh air! Surely they can’t all be better towers, or drivers, than you? Once you have a few trips under your belt you will soon get the hang of it!

Don’t tow too fast… or even worse, tow too slow! ~ We have all seen the two extremes - by all means take your time but don’t dither and dally about! If you do find the traffic building up behind you - PULL OVER! Let the stress disappear and once it’s clear join in at the rear!

Have a practice first ~ If you are worried about towing, try and have a practice on a local industrial estate or choose a spot where it will be quieter of an evening or at the weekend. Try reversing. Our top tip here is to go faster backwards than at a snails pace… this way it will be easier to see what the effect of turning the steering wheel is. Go slow, you will never no… until it’s too late and you end-up in a pickle!

Just remember to take you time and enjoy the journey wherever it takes you! If you are worried about hitching-up, towing or reversing - anything really - our team of specialists will always be on hand to help you.